Sunday, August 3, 2008

My future phone?

Come September, I will be moving for school. And with moving comes a new area code. Which means the possibility of a new phone (I am hoping since I am sick of Rogers' systematic ripping off). I have done some research, and have discovered that owning a smartphone is premature. Prices for data are still astoundingly retarded, and there's no way I can get anything approaching reasonable. So, I have opted for the text message heavy option, which includes a phone with a full QWERTY keyboard (essential). The only cell phone company in this area that has a QWERTY phone that can be obtained without subscribing to a data plan, or selling your children is Bell (which includes Solo Mobile as well). The phone is the LG Rumour (see it here, except obviously remove the Sprint slant to this page). The plan I am looking at is $20 a month, which gives me 50 minutes plus 1000 evenings and weekends, which is more than enough for me. I am also including the "Smartphone" feature pack thing, which is another $15 a month. But you get 2500 text messages, call display, and voicemail, which are all the features that are essential to me. So, all 911 and system access fees plus my charges, I would be paying $44.70. Although it might be better to go with the whole smartphone idea with Fido, because I calculated that I could be paying only $40 a month for all of those things Bell provides, plus unlimited email, browser and 1000 picture/video messages. But that is assuming that that price will be the same when I am ready to get a new phone.

I just wish prices and availability did not change all the fucking time. I could actually be capable of making a decision if everything would stop changing under my nose. Some things change too fast, and some things don't change fast enough. The deals and cheap prices are the things that change way too fast, and you can't decide on it until it is too late. On the other hand, data plan prices, and the prices for the iPhone cannot change fast enough.

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