Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My new shop!

I got bored today and decided to create a Cafe Press shop. It will have a geeky theme, and feature clothing that has designs of internet memes and online piracy. It's crap I want to buy, and I just might too. I have no idea if other people are interested in this stuff, but since it's free and has absolutely no obligation or risk for me, it's definitely worth it. They basically print things on demand, so they don't have to produce anything until it gets paid for. Apparently you can also make CDs and books on Cafe Press too, so maybe I will somehow do that. The only problem is with a free account, you can only do one of every type of product once. So I can only do one design on a plain tshirt, and one design on a plain hoodie. People don't really buy much else, so we will see. If no one will buy anything, it's not worth it to buy a premium account anyway. It's fun though, if anything. Besides, my idea isn't original or anything, I am pretty sure I saw lots of stores featuring memes and geekery.

Anyway, the moment you've been waiting for, here it is; MY SHOP


I keep having these recurring dreams where I have a Blackberry, and it's really annoying because I wish to have one. I am a technophile, so I cannot help it. Of course there's the fact that I keep seeing people with them, and I get jealous. I would have gotten one when I got my current cell phone if Virgin offered Blackberry plans when I signed up. But it was literally a week after I got my phone that they started offering Blackberries, I was so pissed. My phone is okay, but it doesn't have email, a browser, instant messaging, or any other fun crap. Not to mention Blackberries are good for organization, which would be an asset for school. Yes, I am trying to justify getting one, but I do believe it's a genuine reason. I called Virgin to see if I could add a Blackberry on to my plan, and they said in August maybe, which is the anniversary of my plan. They said I might be able to renew my plan and add a Blackberry, plus a data plan, on to my existing plan, so I can keep my current number and everything. We will see what develops before then though. Hopefully this terribly wanting a Blackberry thing passes.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DVD burning and wave to MP3

I have a new hobby. My new hobby is downloading and burning movies. Up until I got my new computer, I wasn't able to do this. Now that I can do it, I am super happy and have burnt like 50 movies so far, and it is growing. It took me a while to figure out how to do this because I hadn't done it before. I was quickly overwhelmed by all the crap online about it. But a program called DVD Flick came to my rescue. DVD Flick is so easy to use that even my kittens could use it. Despite being easy, it still does everything that needs to be done, like automatically converting the AVI files I download to a file format suited for burning directly onto a DVD. I even figured out to add basic menus to the DVD so I can put multiple movies on one disc (roughly 2 movies per disc, depending on their size). It works wonderfully, and the only problems I have ever had with any of my burnt movies are extremely minor glitching, and a little loss of quality (but who knows if that's just the original video file, I didn't look before burning). The loss of quality is extremely minor and doesn't prevent recognition of what's on the screen.

Randomly today I decided to listen to some 3 Inches of Blood, which are super fucking awesome by the way. I noticed that the copy of the album I had was in wave format. I couldn't edit the tags and make it say the song information properly in the meta tags. This is a severe annoyance for me, and I hate improper tagging, mainly because I use Last.fm, but I like neatness on my computer anyway. I decided that using online conversion tools was taking too fucking long. So I looked around and found a wonderful thing called ABC Amber Audio (can be found here). So, if anyone is looking to convert wave to MP3, or MP3 to wave, use this tool. It's really fast too. Now, to go tag my album properly.