Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My new shop!

I got bored today and decided to create a Cafe Press shop. It will have a geeky theme, and feature clothing that has designs of internet memes and online piracy. It's crap I want to buy, and I just might too. I have no idea if other people are interested in this stuff, but since it's free and has absolutely no obligation or risk for me, it's definitely worth it. They basically print things on demand, so they don't have to produce anything until it gets paid for. Apparently you can also make CDs and books on Cafe Press too, so maybe I will somehow do that. The only problem is with a free account, you can only do one of every type of product once. So I can only do one design on a plain tshirt, and one design on a plain hoodie. People don't really buy much else, so we will see. If no one will buy anything, it's not worth it to buy a premium account anyway. It's fun though, if anything. Besides, my idea isn't original or anything, I am pretty sure I saw lots of stores featuring memes and geekery.

Anyway, the moment you've been waiting for, here it is; MY SHOP

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