Saturday, June 28, 2008

iPhone excitement

I have decided that when the iPhone comes to Canada, I absolutely must have it. It appears that Apple has gotten the message and realized no one will buy their product if it costs upwards of $700. So, according to the website, the iPhone will go for $200. I am not sure whether or not that is with a data/phone plan or not.

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When the iPhone comes to Canada, it will be carried by Rogers and Fido, considering Rogers is the Canadian equivalent of AT&T. Unfortunately this means exponential rates for both voice and data plans; Rogers has a huge case of money lusting syndrome and do not give their customers any breaks (I am a Rogers customer for the record). Fido seems to have the right idea with, first of all, showing anything about the iPhone on their website (I had to dig for like five minutes before I found anything mentioning the iPhone on the Rogers website). Second of all, having information on voice and data plans combined, considering only an idiot would purchase an iPhone for either voice or data, but not both. Plans start at $60 a month, which is a moderate price for any plan, and would also be the most likely plan for me (considering I don't talk very much and would be using it mostly for data and text messages). It's weird that this information is on the Fido website but not the Rogers website, considering they're the same company. The fact that Fido's rates are actually reasonable is odd as well. They also seem to have a wider variety of phones available. I am not sure why this could be, or if I could possibly be imagining things.

Either way, it seems like people are learning and that the price of owning an iPhone is finally coming down. It's unlikely I will be able to afford one anytime soon, considering I'm still on shitty contract with Rogers with my Motorola RAZR. The RAZR sucks and is flimsy...but that's another argument for another day. Maybe by the time I am able to get an iPhone the price will be half of what it is...that would make it super affordable, considering I'm a pennypinching student.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Facebook Applications

Since we're all social network whores these days (there is absolutely no escaping it, no matter how l33t/cool/independant/original you think you are) I decided to fully come out of the closet with my annoying Facebook habit by describing some popular(?) apps people use on their Facebook profiles (because no one uses MySpace anymore...right?)

I just went on my Facebook profile today and realized how many useless applications I have on my profile. I removed at least six apps, and I still have approximately 18 more that I deem "neccessary" even though none of them are neccessary. I removed some of the game apps that just keep spamming my email and that are getting on my fucking nerves. Like the Triumph application. It seemed pretty cool at first, and you got a lot of money and supplies to start. But after a while, it would email me every time I got attacked. Sure you get an additional $100,000 when you get attacked, but sometimes the link in the email would not work, or if you clicked them out of sequence, they wouldn't work at all. And the sheer volume of times I got attacked was ridiculous. I could run out of soliders after three days because some fucking moron would attack me five times in a row and there's absolutely nothing stopping them from doing so if they happen to be stronger than I am. So, if you cannot afford to be attacking people on a constant basis, every single day on Triumph, it gets really annoying really fast.

Another application I never liked right from the beginning was "Attack!". No matter what I fucking do, I never win any goddamn battles unless the odds are stacked very heavily in my favour (eg. the ratio of my armies to theirs is something like 3:1). Needless to say losing everything got really old realy fast. I do not think I, at any point, owned a single card within the six or seven games I played while I had the app.

Now that I have shit on a couple apps, there are a few that I do enjoy quite a bit that deserve mention. One of them is the My Heros Ability application. I don't know if I'm a rare breed, being a nerdy kid who had daydreams about having a superpower, but this app, on a small scale, makes me affectionately remember positive aspects of childhood. Don't tell anyone, but I still wish I had superpowers. This application is fun and requires little maintenance, but there is enough to do if you wish to play with it more than a little. MHA is pretty much set up in the RPG style (you can even customize your name) where you have stats and levels. At the beginning you are randomly assigned a power from several available (they're adding more too). If you are not satisfied with your power (if for some reason you have a real problem with psionics) you can reroll your power. But it resets your stats. So no cheating. You can have multiple powers which you "learn" with ability points (acquired upon levelling up), including Advanced abilites and upcoming Demi-God abilities). For example, I got the ability of Flight upon adding the application. I saved up enough ability points to learn the Spontaneous Regeneration ability (which kind of sucks unless you're going into battle with one or more other people... it's a healing power). You can join a group, which allows you to share XP in battle, and you can fight NPCs and you can also enter PvP areas. Just check it out; I can spend an entire blog post on this app. The best part is it's regularily updated. It's not one of those shit apps that gets made and then the creator doesn't pay any attention to it.

Something I would be looking for in terms of Facebook applications is something for Neopets. I think it would be cool to show my information on my Facebook page. It's like what happened with Xbox Live, I might find people who use it too on Facebook. I found three of my friends on Xbox Live through Facebook.

Alright it is time to conclude this post, considering it has taken me about an hour to compose it (due to getting distracted by things such as Facebook and MySpace). It is time to go play on Neopets.