Monday, April 21, 2008

Ubuntu wireless problem

After all kinds of messing around with my wireless adapter in Ubuntu, I have given up. It seems, the right answer being the most simple, that my wireless adapter simply is not compatible with Ubuntu. I should have known, I have a hard enough time finding drivers for the thing for Windows, nevermind Linux. It's also a very old piece of hardware (well, in computer years it is). It also wasn't very popular. So, here is what I did (taken from a post I made on The Linux Forums):

"I decided to go on eBay and buy a wireless adapter I know is compatible with Ubuntu (I checked on the Ubuntu site). I got a D-Link DWL-G122 wireless adapter. It has not come in the mail yet, but I am hoping it will be here this week. I paid only $21.14 CAD for it, which includes shipping and handling and all that."

This will hopefully work, and hopefully I can install the new adapter properly. Another bonus is that this adapter is also compatible with my router (it's the same series of products, as well as same company obviously).

The next problem for me to tackle after this will be the Bluetooth. This crappy cordless mouse I am using now isn't going to cut it permanently, and I like my keyboard. No one seems to know how to solve my Bluetooth problem though. We'll see...

Sunday, April 20, 2008 = breeding ground for trolls, idiots, etc.

There was an article on Slashdot called "Internet Sites Biased Towards Supporting Suicide". Someone decided the following comment would be funny and informative to fellow readers (taken verbatim from the site):

"KILL YOURSELF FAGGOT!!! (Score:5, Funny)
by Anonymous Coward on Saturday April 12, @05:22PM (#23049194)


Note the score of 5 for how hilariously funny this comment is. Scores assigned to comments are ranged from -5 to +5. Apparently this comment is so perfect in it's composition that every other comment made on the internet in the future should contain the soulful intellect and literary prowess of this comment. The main kicker about this comment is that these "ratings" are given by people who have had moderating power bestowed upon them by the people who run this site. Therefore, this comment is a direct reflection of the site itself. That one comment, quite frankly, makes me never want to comment or read anything on that site ever again. Another chunk of stupidity courtesy of Slashdot is the fact that I make comments in reply to articles, and they were more sensible comments than "kill yourself faggot" (keeping in mind that pretty much anyone who passed kindergarten can make a more sensible comment than that). What ratings did my comments get? My comments got 1's. All of them. More proof that people are fucking idiots.

Monday, April 7, 2008

holy crap.. my bigger Ubuntu plunge

So, I randomly decided on Friday that I would install Ubuntu on here (my main computer). Installing it went without a hitch (unlike when I tried to install it on my other computer). Now that I have it running, I simply love it. But, on the other hand, I am having some major problems:

- I seem to be completely incompetent when it comes to the terminal
- it will not recognize my Bluetooth mouse (it knows its there, it just won't connect)
- my wireless card is not recognized at all
- my printer is absolutely fucked (although that was going on pre-Ubuntu I think)
- Ubuntu will only output sound sporadically... even though this seems common, I cannot find a solution
- Pidgin will not play sounds, even though I have configured it to
- I haven't figured out how to get XChat to recognize my mIRC commands yet
- BOINC will not load on startup

A couple of those are very minor problems. The major problems are the wireless and the Bluetooth (in that order). The sound thing is severely annoying (both output and Pidgin), and the printer thing will become more significant as time goes on. Especially when I'm asked what happened to my barely-a-year-old PostScript printer.

It's going to take me a long, long time to get completely used to this. Especially considering you have to configure everything (and yes, I mean everything). That's one of the downsides. The upside, though, is that there is much more you can do... there are pretty much no limits as to how you customize Linux! But, just in case, this is still a dual-boot system, with a fully serviceable install of Microshaft Windows on it, you know, just in case I fuck something up....which I tend to do sometimes.