Friday, December 5, 2008

Fixed Java problem? *crosses fingers*

I believe I might have solved the problem I was having with Java on my computer. I seemed to have had two versions of Java fighting to work, and the one that was working while I was having problems was icedtea; I had typed "java -version" in the terminal and got told it was using icedtea even though I had uninstalled icedtea a while ago. Turns out, when I went to the package manager, I had missed a couple packages which weren't actually called icedtea, but were the complete environment for it. The main package was openjdk-6-re, as well as another one called openjdk-6-re-headless. There was another one too but I cannot remember the name, but it was directly below the first two in the package manager. I tested this by opening Pogo and loading Casino Island Blackjack (a game I was previously having trouble with) and it worked! Yay!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pidgin is a bitch

I have no idea why, but Pidgin is being a stupid cunt and won't keep me logged into MSN. It will log in, and within a minute will say it has disconnected. It won't do it on a constant basis either, it only does it on certain occasions. Maybe I will change instant message clients tonight or something. But first, food.