Friday, October 17, 2008

MobileScrobbler and Apple's stupidity

This is copy pasted from a journal entry I posted on :

I use an iPod touch, and I am currently still using firmware 1.1.1 which is just fine with me; I don't need Apple's craptacular innovations on my hardware. I also use MobileScrobbler to scrobble my iPod tracks, which is something everyone should be able to do. As of a couple days ago, my iPod randomly stopped scrobbling. It's not a problem with MobileScrobbler, since it's doing everything it's supposed to do, but a problem with, as it is not accepting the tracks from MobileScrobbler. I have been looking around online, and apparently I am not nearly the only one having this problem. Apparently everyone with firmware 1.1.1 had this problem. It has been concluded that is in cahoots with Apple, and are collectively trying to force people to use that bull shit "App Store" thing that Apple is pushing. This is one very small and annoying step in that attempt. Why should we be forced to update our firmware? I was perfectly happy with 1.1.1... but I should be able to answer my own question: it's because Apple wants us to spend money in the fucking "App Store". Fuck Apple. I'm not giving them one cent to scrobble my iPod, which better be free.

So, I figure I will try and update to 2.0.2 or whatever the most recent version is, and see how that goes. I'll then try and download this "official app" shit, and see where that takes me. It looks like I'm going to have to go into Windows to do it too... If everything was open source and accessible, I would not have half the computer related problems that I do.