Saturday, June 28, 2008

iPhone excitement

I have decided that when the iPhone comes to Canada, I absolutely must have it. It appears that Apple has gotten the message and realized no one will buy their product if it costs upwards of $700. So, according to the website, the iPhone will go for $200. I am not sure whether or not that is with a data/phone plan or not.

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When the iPhone comes to Canada, it will be carried by Rogers and Fido, considering Rogers is the Canadian equivalent of AT&T. Unfortunately this means exponential rates for both voice and data plans; Rogers has a huge case of money lusting syndrome and do not give their customers any breaks (I am a Rogers customer for the record). Fido seems to have the right idea with, first of all, showing anything about the iPhone on their website (I had to dig for like five minutes before I found anything mentioning the iPhone on the Rogers website). Second of all, having information on voice and data plans combined, considering only an idiot would purchase an iPhone for either voice or data, but not both. Plans start at $60 a month, which is a moderate price for any plan, and would also be the most likely plan for me (considering I don't talk very much and would be using it mostly for data and text messages). It's weird that this information is on the Fido website but not the Rogers website, considering they're the same company. The fact that Fido's rates are actually reasonable is odd as well. They also seem to have a wider variety of phones available. I am not sure why this could be, or if I could possibly be imagining things.

Either way, it seems like people are learning and that the price of owning an iPhone is finally coming down. It's unlikely I will be able to afford one anytime soon, considering I'm still on shitty contract with Rogers with my Motorola RAZR. The RAZR sucks and is flimsy...but that's another argument for another day. Maybe by the time I am able to get an iPhone the price will be half of what it is...that would make it super affordable, considering I'm a pennypinching student.

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