Thursday, July 17, 2008

iPhone excitement turned annoyance

Upon further research into the iPhone, I am dismayed to learn that Canadians are getting seriously ripped off by the plans offered for the iPhone. The cheapest plan is $60 a month, which is a complete gip in itself, not to mention the fact that you only get 150 minutes, only 75 text messages (which is appalling) and no unlimited data. Fuck you very much Rogers. In the US, they pay around the same prices for their different packages. But they get more for their money. They get unlimited data, and at a certain level of plan, get unlimited calling. The most minutes you can get in Canada are 800. I know people who would blow through that in a week. So, I take fact my favourable comments in my last post and strongly warn everyone to stay away from the iPhone until Rogers stops being a bunch of cocksuckers and actually understands the concept of customer appreciation.

In the meantime, I think the most plausable option is a PDA made by someone other than Apple. Even Blackberries are kind of expensive still (fucking brand costs). I've been looking at the Samsung Jack or Samsung Ace (although the Ace is kind of tacky looking) or the Motorola Q. They are on various carriers, and go for various prices, but they change so often there's no point in quoting prices and stuff. But Fido had the best data prices last time I checked. I also noticed the more you pay for the handset up front, the less you pay a month, and therefore the less you pay period.

Anyway, I'm not going to rush into anything or sign my life away to some money hungry corporation like Rogers. This is just a simple run down.

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