Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I keep having these recurring dreams where I have a Blackberry, and it's really annoying because I wish to have one. I am a technophile, so I cannot help it. Of course there's the fact that I keep seeing people with them, and I get jealous. I would have gotten one when I got my current cell phone if Virgin offered Blackberry plans when I signed up. But it was literally a week after I got my phone that they started offering Blackberries, I was so pissed. My phone is okay, but it doesn't have email, a browser, instant messaging, or any other fun crap. Not to mention Blackberries are good for organization, which would be an asset for school. Yes, I am trying to justify getting one, but I do believe it's a genuine reason. I called Virgin to see if I could add a Blackberry on to my plan, and they said in August maybe, which is the anniversary of my plan. They said I might be able to renew my plan and add a Blackberry, plus a data plan, on to my existing plan, so I can keep my current number and everything. We will see what develops before then though. Hopefully this terribly wanting a Blackberry thing passes.

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