Monday, May 4, 2009

Mmmm, software...

I am on a downloading spree. Usually it's movies and/or music, but this time it's software. So far I have gotten Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Auto Collage, and I am currently working on Vista Ultimate (which is harder than it sounds). It is amazing how retarded Microsoft is, and even if my software was genuine, I would be running into the same problems. It won't allow me to upgrade over Service Pack 1, which is absolutely ridiculous. So, I removed SP1 and it still won't work. If I were to install Vista Ultimate the way that is available, it would wipe my drive/partition/whatever and I would lose my data. Which is bullshit. All it has to do is update, and it can't do that without going through a complex procedure that is so far unknown to me, and that is not as simple as removing SP1. No wonder retarded people can't upgrade their operating system without requiring technical support...but my solution is to find a version of the Vista upgrade that is newer than the one I tried. The one I tried was from 2005 I believe, which is really old in computer years. The one I am downloading now is from 2008 I think, and assuming it's an upgrade version and not a full version, it should work a lot better.

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