Monday, May 25, 2009


Here is copy pasta from my other blog regarding this matter:

"I have also gotten a Blackberry! You have no idea how long I have wanted one of these things, as much as I tried to squash the urge, it's always been there. I decided I was going to do it in August, which is the year after starting my contract. To wait until then, and get the two year price on the phone itself, I would have to extend my contract. Upon thinking about it, I could also buy the phone outright, and not extend my contract, and in the long run pay less. So, I decided to do that since I had just received a hefty tax return, and I did it, and love the damn thing. I know, most people think I am lame for liking it so much, and some even are ballsy enough to say I should have gotten an iPhone (HAHA!), but I don't care. :-P"

It is super fun, and a lot cooler than I even imagined, considering there's tons of free apps I can download, most of them free :) Some of them are kind of poorly written and don't work really well, but some of them are amazing, including one called Poynt, which is a search tool for local movie listings, theatres, and other entertainment shit. It also has a business 411 thing in it, and the most wonderful thing about it is that it uses the phones GPS to automatically detect stuff within locality of your phone. It is sweet. There are also things like multiplayer games (I downloaded multiplayer Blackjack) which is really damn cool considering it's on a phone. There are Google applications, like maps, news etc. and I downloaded a pretty accurate 411 application. It's really damn cool!

My current objective for the day is to find a conversion tool for my Blackberry that converts between common (and maybe some not-so-common) units, such as weight, speed, distance, volume etc... the one's I found on the Blackberry App World all cost money, and that's not acceptable :-P

My two major complaints about the Blackberry Curve 8330 are battery life and the GPS, both individually, and hand in hand. The battery life really sucks. The past couple days I have had a fully charged phone in the afternoon, around 11-noon, and by 7 or 8pm, it's giving me a low battery indication. This is terrible in comparison to my old phone, which would last me a weekend, even with moderate use. I looked online, and my only guess is that I have some apps going in the background that are draining the battery somehow. I know using the GPS drains the battery very quickly, but yesterday I didn't use the GPS, and it drained basically just as quick. Something is fucked up. There is also the fact that the GPS doesn't always work, and if there's a tiny little thing layer of cloud it won't get a signal. And forget getting anything indoors...that's not possible at all. But I have a suspicion that it is just this particular app I am using, InstaMapper, which plots my location. It seems Poynt and Google Maps work just fine with the GPS. I wish I could find another app for GPS that works.

Anyway, I will keep things updated about my sexy new gadget. It's name is Galileo the Brain, because it's my brain, and I have a tradition of naming my handheld devices after astronomers.

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