Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bureaucratic phone services

In the age of technology, innovation and progression, how can our governing body continue to be so retarded?
"All our analysts are still unavailable, your call is important to us, someone will be with you as soon as possible."

...that is what is being drilled into my head every 30 seconds or so. I bet you anything they have only one or two operators working the phones. Just like they had a huge ass line at the Ministry of Transportation, yet only two service desks were open. Not only does "instantaneous" services take forever, heaven forbid you should need something sent away. That will take a minimum six weeks. Or at least they say it will. Realistically, it will take about two months. Have they not learned to employ technology to their advantage? Do they send anything digitally?

The conclusion of the above story is that I was told to fax the form in (because someone couldn't have told me that in the first place) and they will review it. Unfortunately for me, I need this issue concluded by September 2nd, and it slowly looks like that will not happen. This is what I get for being honest on this form. Now I am thinking that I should have just lied and made things simple for myself.

The good thing about this is that faxes are almost instantaneous like email. The bad part is that fax machines are so archaic that I don't even know how to use one. I'm sure it's easy to figure out, but the last thing I need is to accidentally send this (sensitive) form to somewhere Joe's Auto Shop, which has one digit different in their fax number than the Ministry of Transportation. But I've never actually had occasion to use a fax machine. Which is fucking weird.

So, off to try and fax this shit. Wish me luck and hope that I don't fail.

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