Monday, August 11, 2008

My final phone decision

Okay, so I got a new cell phone today. About time right? Well, it pretty much came down to completely ignoring everything I have posted so far about phone companies and shit, because I didn't go with any of the aforementioned companies. I went with Virgin Mobile. Believe it or not, there is a cell phone company not out there to fill their greedy pockets! I got all of the features I want and don't have to pay any stupid system access crap or anything! Either way, look at the website if you want to know more. I got the myCrew dealy (you get unlimited talk and text with your favourite 5 contacts). $25 is the cheapest, but if you go $35 they make it so you can talk and text nationwide with your contacts. The part that sold me (because other companies offer this) is that if you present a student card, you get 10 contacts. So, $35 a month, plus $10 for voicemail and call display (which are essentials to me) and I get $45 a month. That is $5 less than what Telus was offering. Although Telus offered web browsing, they also still have the $6.95 and 75 cent fees every month. Which means $56.95 a month, plus any running over I might do. And if you do run over with Telus, it's 35 cents a minute (double that for long distance), and only 30 cents for Virgin. Plus, I also really wanted the LG Rumour. Telus offered the LG Keybo, which also cost $50 even with the 3 year plan. I got the Rumour for nothing. So, overall, I'd pay more at Telus. But it was a close second. Rogers, Fido, Bell, and Solo didn't even place within my ranks.

Well, enough rambling about my new cell phone stuff. Let's just say I will continue to be pessimistic about large companies and their motives for doing things. I will never understand though. Why are the largest companies the most money hungry? Don't they have enough goddamn money, or do they have to take more from people who may not have as much? Why do companies like Microshaft who, all over the world, process billions of dollars in primary sales have to go on and rip off their customers? I mean in some cases (eg. video game consoles) they truly are the superior one, but in other cases (eg. operating systems and software) they suck hairy balls. So, why keep trying with the crappy software? Why don't they listen to their customers? You cannot expect me to believe that their (trillions of) loyal Office users asked for the atrocious monstrosity that is Office 2007. It is an absolute piece of garbage. The beginning product was by no means a masterpiece either, but Office 2007 takes the shit cake.

Anyway, maybe some day I will find something besides companies to blog about. But they do really irritate me. Maybe someday I should make my own money whore company and take over the internet or something. Then the fuckers who own and operate Rogers, Microshaft, iTunes, etc. can drain their bank accounts into my pockets.

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