Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Updates; good or bad?

Here is a list of some programs I use regularly and my opinion of their update frequency. This post was inspired by the incessant and severely annoying updates I receive from Apple about the piece of shit iTunes. I swear to god if they updated anymore it would be a fucking code blog.

- Winamp - updated too often... not much is done each time either. I haven't noticed a difference between the last three or four updates.

- Firefox - not updated enough. You don't need to revamp the entire thing each time.

- iTunes - fuck off Apple! (In other words, updated waaay too often... it almost feels like it's updated every day)

- Soulseek - not often enough! When it is updated, it's way too big of an update and leads to having to completely migrate accounts to new servers

- Windows Live Mail - not enough, and it's a Microshaft product so it inevitably needs improvement

- mIRC - not nearly enough... but considering the guy who makes it expects payment for this thing, the common sense just isn't there

- Adobe Creative Suite - never updated... this is an absolutely terrible example of post-purchase support. Even Microshaft is better...they at least allow you some post-purchase updates. I have not received a single update from Adobe for any of their paid products, and I've had this version of the creative suite for a couple years now.

- BOINC Manager - not nearly enough. I realize there is not much here to have to improve, but still, can we at least have some cosmetic improvements? Or perhaps less jargony menus?

- Miranda IM - JUST RIGHT... although that might be partly because this is a fully customizable application and updating mainly has to do with plugins.

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