Thursday, February 21, 2008


I love personality analysis. Here is a really good one that touches on many different aspects of the personality. I think it was quite accurate indeed. It uses sliders and such to present answers to the questions of the test, as opposed to those stupid radio button things, which are way too vague for me. I think it hit me really hard on the openness and trust. My one complaint about this test is that it uses the word "people" a lot. This makes me refer to the general population, and I only trust people who are close to me. It also presents me as of "Average Femininity" and I tend to think of myself as more masculine. How can I be of "Average Femininity" as well as "Average Masculinity"? Aren't they opposites, and you cannot be both at the same time? Anydangway, here are my graphical results:

Another presentation of my results:

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