Sunday, March 2, 2008


You are on PMOG PMOG is the Passively Multiplayer Online Game. To play, you’ll need to Get Firefox and Add Our Extension. This unconventional massively multiplayer online game merges your web life with an alternate, hidden reality. The mundane takes on a layer of fantastic achievement. Player behavior generates characters and alliances, triggers interactions in the environment and earns the player points to spend online beefing up their inventory. Suddenly the Internet is not a series of untouchable exhibits, but rather a hackable, rewarding environment!

How severely annoying. I am on this site, and it sounds absolutely awesome. I found out about this type of game through Wired magazine. It sounds absolutely super awesome, an internet and game whore's dream. The problem? You can only sign up if you have a fucking beta key. Why is the site live if people can't even sign up for it? Sure you can enter your email address for a beta key. But the problem with that is the fact that the beta key never comes. I had the same problem with Gmail when it was first brought out. I had to plead with someone to give me an invite. It makes me seethe when people try and gain publicity by denying people. Isn't the object of beta testing to get as many people as possible to test? That way you can find the maximum amount of problems. Beta testers are warned and aware of the potential problems them and their computers may endure while testing, and they are aware that they are risking this.

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          Kacey3 said...

          I totally agree, I found out about it through MakeZine and all they do is make the game look awesome, and then you go to the site and its like "Fooled you! You're not special enough to play!"

          This sucks!