Friday, March 14, 2008

Mugshot, PMOG bitching, and Linux

Yesterday, I signed up for a Mugshot account. I had one before, but for whatever reason stopped using it. Unfortunately, I don't think they've added any sites to the list of accounts you can add. For those who don't know, the jist of Mugshot is that it is supposed to be a central feed for your various accounts throughout the internet. You can add your Digg,, Facebook, accounts, and others. I can think of many other accounts that you should be able to add:

- Xbox Live
- Pogo
- BookMooch
- Flixster
- Wikipedia (although I don't have a Wiki account)
- BOINC ()
- Joost
- PMOG (when the alpha comes out)
- anything else

But oh well, it's an interesting service. It's maintained by the Red Hat Team so there should be very few glitches and bugs.

I've been playing PMOG. I don't know if I mentioned the fact that I finally found an invite, but I did, and have been playing for about a week now. They weren't kidding when they said it was a beta. Lack of features, super bugginess and other things plague it. My association has been greatly inconsistent. Like in an RPG game, you have a "class", or in this case, "association". This association is chosen for you based on your behaviour, for example, what kind of objects you use, or what missions you take. If you take a mission by, for example, a Seer, that will slightly skew your association towards being a Seer. The problem is I've used all of my mines (a Destroyer trait), and taken 7 or 8 Destroyer missions. Why the hell am I a Pathmaker? I should even maybe be a Seer. Definitely not a Pathmaker. It makes no sense.
Another thing that is buggy about PMOG are the missions. I have like 10 missions I couldn't finish because the mission instruction box would not show up on pages. I have no idea why, and there's no rhyme or reason to it. So, as it stands, I can expect to not complete 2 out of 3 missions. It's also been mentioned in the forums many times.

Yesterday, I decided to remedy the connection problems on my "toy" computer. My toy computer is an old computer that is not good for anything else except to test things on and play with. I guess you could call it a software Frankenstein. So, one day, I decided to install Linux because I have been told that Linux is better than Windows (which is no surprise). It is, in fact, better than Windows. After much trouble, I finally got Xubuntu 7.10 on there. After a while, it stopped recognizing the internet connection. Since there was nothing on that computer except the OS, I decided to reinstall. But this time I installed Ubuntu. I got that one and decided I wanted Fedora instead. So, I prepared the Live CD and it gets about halfway through the booting process and doesn't work. I can't recall what exactly the numbers were, but when the computer admits to you it's frozen, then it must be frozen. Ubuntu is okay for now. My overall goal someday is to completely switch over to Linux and get Microshaft out of my life for good. But that might not happen for a while considering I unfortunately need Microshaft programs (for compatibility reasons) for the time being.

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