Monday, October 22, 2007

She's Geeky

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She's Geeky: A Women's Tech (un)Conference

What is She's Geeky?

The She's Geeky (un)conference will provide an agenda-free and friendly environment for women who not only care about building technology that is useful for people, but who also want to encourage more women to get involved.

It is designed to provide women who self-identify as geeky and who are engaged in various technology-focused disciplines with a gathering space in which they can exchange skills and discuss ideas and form community across and within disciplines.

Our goal is to create an open space forum for women in tech to come together to:

  1. Exchange skills and learning from women from diverse fields of technology.
  2. Discuss topics about women and technology.
  3. Connect the diverse range of women in technology, computing, entrepreneurship, funding, hardware, open source, nonprofit and any other technical geeky field.

This is an unconference so it will have an agenda created by the people who attend.


Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA.


October 22-23

Start Time: Noon on Monday

8:30 am Tuesday (8 am breakfast)

Ending Time: Close 6pm on Tuesday.

We will have evening 'entertainment' on Monday night. The event will go late until about 9 or so.

If you are on the East Coast, we welcome you to come out here for this event. You can fly Monday morning and be back on the Tuesday red-eye, only taking two days out of life and not missing ANY of the conference.

How Much?

Cost $175 regular price (the early bird price of $125 ended Sept 30)

We will provide lunch and dinner on Monday, and breakfast and lunch on Tuesday.

There is a two step registration process

  1. Go to the registration wiki sign up page
  2. Follow the prompt after you activate your account to pay via paypal.

I love how the work "geeky" has become synonymous with anything that can be considered "technical". People are unaware of the fact that there are other forms of geekery out there. Here are a couple of WRONG definitions I pulled from a Google definition search:

  • A person who knows all the terms listed here and many more. Normally wears a tanktop, thick rimmed glasses and a bow-tie. Due their vast knowledge of computer termanology, they don't have a social life. They also live at home with their mothers.

  • a carnival performer who does disgusting acts
  • eccentric: a person with an unusual or odd personality

  • Now here is an almost exact definition I pulled from the same Google definition search (note the source):

    A geek is an individual who is fascinated by knowledge and imagination, usually electronic or virtual in nature. Geek may not always have the same meaning as the term nerd.

    The point I am trying to make is that most people these days who use the word "geek" have no idea what it actually means. If someone called me a geek, I would be flattered.

    Another point is don't knock Wikipedia!

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