Monday, October 22, 2007

MOL File Plugin Quest

So, for a good chunk of the afternoon, I went around looking for a Firefox plugin that displays the .mol file format. I did not have much luck. I only found plugins for IE and Netscape.
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The MOL file format is defined by MDL (Molecular Design Ltd). A MOL file can describe a chemical structure, but no properties and references. For further detail, see the manual 'MDL CTfile Formats' provided by MDL.

So, I still have no idea how a .mol file functions, or what it looks like. As a result of my fruitless endevour, I will continue to be curious.

This search has been for a productive purpose (most of my hunts aren't). I am trying to view molecule shapes on the website provided by my chemistry text book, which is,10686,2217830-,00.html

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