Thursday, October 25, 2007


Why is it that a find Microsoft products to be increasingly unreliable? It just took me like half an hour to load Hotmail. Or am I biased because Microshaft products simply infuriate me, and I cannot find anyone to teach me Linux? Or is it because I can't even use my Mac because the incompatibility is just that bad?

My internet is being a piece of shit too. I'll be surprised if I can save this post without incident. I have had to hit refresh hundreds of times to actually get my school website to load properly.

The weather blows too. Literally. It's ridiculously windy out. It's also cold. I do not like the cold; I believe I am wrongly coloured, and should be black, and come from somewhere that is hot but not extremely sunny. I think I should be an albino west Indian. But, I am northern European, and appear so.

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