Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ugh responsibility

How annoying is it when I have to do studying but all I really want to do is play my Xbox? I bought two games a couple weeks ago, Lego Batman and Civilization Revolution. Right now, I am currently fixed on Lego Batman, and have a friend who is officially addicted as well, and now loves playing co-op mode. I haven't dedicated enough time to Civ Rev (one thing at a time), but from what I've played it definitely seems damn cool. I have started an Aztec civilization and am trying to conquer by having the best technology.

If anyone has played Lego Indiana Jones, (I have 1000/1000 gamerpoints from it), Lego Batman is quite similar in some ways. You collect studs to buy things, which are characters, special extras, and in the case of Batman, vehicles. You also go through levels collecting certain items that add up to make a bigger item, and that's part of the objective of the game. The point is, there are several objectives, which I love. My favourite thing is Free Play mode. You use the characters you purchased to go through the levels and access things you couldn't access with the normal characters (each character has special abilities). I think the Lego games are super fabulous. Next, I will be getting Lego Star Wars!

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