Sunday, November 9, 2008

Canada's Sex Offender Registry a National Embarassment


I was doing some research for an essay I have to write for class (yes another essay...) and came across the above article. I am shocked and appalled at this, for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that it's so, so simple to implement! It's a database! We're living in the information age, and even when we weren't, there were still tools available to create a database like this, even a secure one! Fucking political red tape is the worst kind. For something that's supposed to make things happen, it's pretty good and preventing things that should happen. I'm sure if I took a course or two I could make up a fucking database like that. And every police officer in Canada would have access to it (with discretion of course; no editing allowed except by certain individuals, considering the stories in the above article about cops being offenders themselves).

Why can't we have something like the US has? If the US has anything right, it's their justice system. If you're going to commit a crime of such an abhorrent sexual nature, you deserve to be strung out to dry, and have people vandalizing your house and sending you death threats every day. You deserve to live with the consequences of your actions, just like everybody else in the world. It's your problem that you decided to do what people consider depraved. I think every sex offender in the world should have their personal details published on the internet for everyone to see. But that's just me.

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