Friday, May 23, 2008

(social) network updates

Well, since there's so much stuff on this internet of ours, I have a zillion accounts of various types throughout the web. Most of them I probably have forgotten about. The company Red Hat Inc. has definitely got the right idea with their "social networking" site called Mugshot. It pretty much combines a bunch of popular websites into one. Some of the websites include Digg,, Facebook and many more. The only problem I have with Mugshot is that it is not very inclusive. There is only an extremely limited amount of websites which are included. They have the idea right, though. Another contention I have is the erratic updating of the "Stacker" (the Mugshot equivalent of a feed). Also, the kinds of updates. I don't know if anyone really cares that I have a new message on Facebook. I think they would more care about my status changes and other such things. Also, with, it tries to update every song. This is in absolutely no way practical with the extreme slowness of the updates, considering most people listen to a huge amount of songs at a time. It should just mass update every hour, saying " listened to <#> songs" or something like that.

Sorry, I am going off on a tangent. Anyway, here is a list of several sites I am a member of. For the most part, these are sites I participate in quite regularly. Except for Amazon, that was one of those random things that Mugshot asked for for some reason. Anyway, here you go:

My Mugshot Profile

My Digg Profile

My Profile

My YouTube Videos

My Profile

My Flickr Photos

My Amazon Profile

My PMOG Profile

My Twine Profile

EDIT: 26/05/2008 Addition of My Wikipedia User Page
EDIT: 31/05/2008 Addition of My Neopets Page
EDIT: 07/06/08 Addition of GameSurge Profile
EDIT: 28/06/08 Addition of GameStrata Profile
EDIT: 26/09/08 Addition of StumbleUpon Profile

The thing I use the most is my Xbox Live gamertag. I play games much more than I use these other sites. Except Facebook, which isn't up there, because I can't link directly to it. Not that I would link strangers to my Facebook profile. I like my internet anonymity, thank you very much.

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