Thursday, May 8, 2008

iCoke; what the fuck?

What the fuck is our world coming to? Apparently the existing words in the English language are changing. I always thought the word "free" meant that you could receive something without paying for it. Below is an excerpt from the iCoke website:

"FREE Coke with every 10th PIN!

Starting May 1st, every 10th PIN you enter gets you an offer for a FREE Coke. However, if you choose not to accept the offer when prompted, the opportunity won't come again until you've entered another 10 more PINs."

The gist of iCoke is that you can collect PIN numbers under caps of Coke. Each PIN gives you like 500 points (no matter what the size of the bottle, which is another point of contention for me, but that's another argument). You can collect points and redeem them for things. Most of the prizes is shit I will never want or need, but the only reason I collect is because one of the prizes is movie tickets (although they pretty much never have them in stock, which is yet another annoyance from Coke).

Coke, in one of their streaks of wisdom, decided to implement the above promotion. When I saw it I thought "hey, something else I might find useful for once". So, I entered my PIN numbers (I generally get quite a few at a time because my significant other and me both collect and share PINS, because we use the movie tickets together) and got up to 10 PIN numbers pretty quickly. I then got the following message:

"You have received this exclusive offer because you've entered 10 iCoke PINS*. All you have to do is redeem 5,000 iCoke Coins and you'll receive a coupon† for a FREE Coke. Be careful, if you close this page the offer will be gone for good!"

What the fuck? So, if I take the offer, the points I just entered were pretty much a waste of time and effort? (10 x 500 = 5000, nullifying the addition to my points balance) I got lied to once again? I thought that when I entered 10 PINS Coke would grace me with a small blessing of their thanks by giving me a free Coke (after consuming 10 of them to get the fucking points). But no, that's far too much to ask for. "Here is a free Coke... that will be 5000 points please". Does anyone else see this as being as stupid as I do?


Anonymous said...

I was fooled into thinking "free" meant free/without price. Not only that but you're buying an expensive coke worth 10 bottles. That isn't the only bullshit thing they've done. WTF reducing maxium pin enterance to 10... A WEEK!!! I get more than 10 per week. I have bottle pins that have been around for months. They did it to "prevent fraud allowing fair consumption" because some people don't buy a lot of products in a week (thus giving people who get more an advantage). I'm suprised people haven't bought less products from coke. Everybody needs to bitch slap the hell out of the dickheads who reduced the limit. BS!!!

Anonymous said...

It is bullshit when they reduced the limit. I collect caps from work, the golf course and any where I go. But can only enter 10 a week. I even emailed icoke and was told because of fraud and dishonest people this was done, again more BS, If they put out 1 million caps expect that many back. Right now sitting with close to 300 caps and at 10 a week. Well I got awhile for what a bloody coke screensaver. Remember the coke auction a couple years ago, they had coats hats.DVD players a ton of stuff now its hand cream and a download. Thanks for your patronage and buying out product Now fuck off.
Thats my beef with iCoke

Dizgaimeizgud said...

this has to be the worst rewards system anyone could ever come up with. the only thing most people can even afford to spend their coins on is a bunch of coke wallpapers... im just using mine for the best buy gift card contest, theres no point in saving up. Oh and its not like theyre giving out 100 gift cards or 50 or 10. Its one gift card. Tens maybe even hundreds of thousands of people are competing for ONE gift card. Coke is bad.