Friday, January 11, 2008

Logitech Setpoint is a really bad piece of software

I use the Logitech MX5000 mouse and keyboard set. This includes connection using Bluetooth. I've been having a really annoying problem with the crappy software that comes with it. Even though this software has been updated about three times since I got this thing, the problem still remains. Here is a post I submitted to the Logitech support forums:

"I can't exactly recall when this started happening. I know it's caused by Setpoint because it stops when I exit Setpoint. I would simply not use Setpoint, but I lose functionality of my keyboard when Setpoint isn't open. The problem is: when I have Setpoint running, the top window I am using switches from active to inactive at approximately one second intervals, and keeps repeating that cycle. So, if I try and type something, I can't type it properly because the window will go inactive while I'm typing. I exited Setpoint just now, or else this post would take about five hours to write. I updated to the new version of Setpoint, including the firmware upgrade. I thought it might fix it, but it didn't. I'm using the MX 5000 Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I hope someone can help, because this is getting severely annoying. Thanks."

It's really dumb and really annoying. So, unless I have Setpoint open (which I do not because of this problem), I can't use the media keys on my keyboard. I think that's completely shitty, and wish this shit would get fixed. I wish I could figure out how to use the Microsoft Bluetooth stack (yes, I know, ironic that in this case I would prefer a Microshaft product).

Logitech is seemingly infamous for crappy software. It makes it worse that it's them, because they're a peripheral company, and peripherals rely heavily on software to function with the rest of the computer. Not to mention the fact that you need peripherals to use a damn computer...

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Anonymous said...

And still no better than it was when you originally posted. I have an LX7 cordless optical mouse and first went through the very common issue of SetPoint not recognizing the mouse, which meant I could only use basic MS mouse features. i.e., no horizontal scroll and advanced center button configuration options disabled. Finally, I got the damn thing working fine and then an update caused the problem all over again. Fixed it again. Now after another update or 2, horizontal scroll doesn't work correctly. It only seems to work in certain programs and never when XP's open/save window opens. Tried uninstalling and going back to the previous version and horiz. scroll is STILL effed up!

Their web forums and "experts" are about useless too. When you have people posting the exact same problems over and over and over again and keep giving them the same major-assache solution of uninstalling, rebooting, cleaning out all the ubiquitous residue, checking device manager for "hidden" multiple installations, rebooting, renaming a system drivers file, reinstalling with receiver unplugged, rebooting, plugging in receiver...and pulling your hair out because the f**king thing STILL DOES NOT WORK, what good are you, or your damn software?

Truly a shame because they used to be quality. Now they just don't care.

Thank you for the opportunity to vent! :)