Friday, December 21, 2007

They're watching me

So, I got a message on Youtube regarding the videos I took off the biology textbook site. It was a warning saying that posting these videos violates copyright laws. I don't understand why. Am I profiting at all? Am I degrading the profit of the textbook company? I don't believe so. Isn't the point of the videos to help people learn? I've gotten SO many comments on these videos telling me how helpful they are, and how they saved someone's biology project. Which obviously leads me to believe that there are no good biology videos out there. Unless, of course, you pay money for a certain textbook. But some classes don't use said textbook, and are not exposed to the wonderful enlightenment of a textbook with excellent supplemental material. I'm not posting the other supplemental material from the website either, so I'm not giving away their 'secrets'. There's a lot of other stuff on that website, such as flash cards, quizzes, outside links, virtual labs, and more.

I seriously hope that the textbook companies will leave me alone. Call me ridiculously altruistic, but I am helping people learn. It's a small sample of what the textbook can give someone. It will also help people in my class, because some of them have been having trouble logging into the Mader website and can't view the videos, even though they paid good money for the textbook. Isn't the point of such videos for learning? Isn't having them accessible helping more people learn?

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