Thursday, November 1, 2007

GRUB Error Messages

GRUB Error Messages

17 : "Invalid device requested"

This error is returned if a device string is recognizable but does not fall under the other device errors.

18 : "Invalid or unsupported executable format"

This error is returned if the kernel image boing loaded is not recognized as Multiboot or one of the supported native formats (Linux zImage or bzImage, FreeBSD, or NetBSD).

: "Unknown boot failure"

This error is returned if the boot attempt did not succeed for reasons which are unknown.

I have been dicking around with Linux lately, and I cannot seem to get it installed without requiring the boot disc to load it. I got it in my old computer and got it running off the boot disc, ran the installer, thought everything was okay, so then I got some packages, set some prefs, restarted after a package, and got Error 18 first. I went in, jostled with the partitioning a little bit, and got Error 17 after that. I went in and tried:

sudo apt-get remove --purge grub

sudo apt-get install grub

sudo grub

grub > root (hdx,y)

grub >setup (hd0)

grub > quit

But that proved completely fruitless. That's when I ended up with Error 21. So, now, I am in the process of doing a complete reinstall (which isn't bad considering what stage I'm at), and completely repartitioning (which is taking way too fucking long). I really hope it works, or else I will be severely annoyed.

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