Monday, March 2, 2009

Deliberate difficulty?

I am trying to uninstall this Microsoft Office shit from my computer (which isn't even the full version, it's only a 60 day trial). I downloaded OpenOffice instead for obvious reasons (one of them being it's like $300 cheaper). Apparently uninstalling Office is going to take an hour, plus it's going to freeze my computer every once in a while and make it stutter. Microsoft products are the only ones that do that (since I am cleaning some crap off the computer). My CPU load isn't even, on average, past 75% on either core. Is this a deliberate ploy to magnify the frustration and irritation that Microsoft products cause users? Is it a lame attempt at preventing people from uninstalling their cheap, rip off of a program? Some might call me paranoid, but I don't think it's that entirely outlandish.

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Anonymous said...

Microsuck loves to intwine all their programs with the OS in order to force you to keep their products on your computer, taking up disk space, in the hope you'll use them again and upgrade them. I use OO, too. Much better than the POS MSWorks that was the OEM installation on my computer. I also really like Jarte which is a no-cost WP program with a small footprint which even has a couple of options that OOWriter doesn't. (likewise Writer has plenty that Jarte doesn't). Still, a nice little program for most of my needs.